Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ashleigh has started soccer practice on a co-ed 4-and-under league. This is her first real interaction with other kids (not relatives). As for her soccer skills, she does quite well. When it comes to passing the ball, or having stolen by the other team, she has a lot of room for improvement. Instead of taking it in stride, she just starts crying; sometimes even throwing herself to the ground. She has had 3 practices so far, and her first game is on Saturday. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

I'm playing softball again for the first time in the last 3 years. After practice last week, I felt like I was hit by a truck. I ached everywhere. It wasn't until Sunday that I woke up without any pain. I have practice again tomorrow. I hope that I recover quicker this time. If not, it is going to be a LONG season.

With Ia being pregnant with child #3, we have decided that the time has come to get another vehicle. We've been a one-car family since before Ashleigh was born. That one car is a PT Cruiser, which will not comfortably hold 3 kids in a booster and two baby seats. We test drove some mini-vans last week and will be picking up our new van today! It will be nice to have a reliable vehicle which will hold our whole family and still have cargo room.

Again, the last couple of weeks have seen me away from the game. The few hours that I did actually play, I managed to finally snag an elemental in CN basement to get the RA/EX item I need to complete my BLM AF quests. I'm thinking of taking BLM to 60 then taking a break from it for awhile. It would be nice to just finish it, but with the little time that I've been spending in-game, I don't know that I'll have the time necessary to devote to the xp grind all the time. If I put BLM away for a little while, I could use that time to work on Mugido and tweak my RDM macros (which I really need to do). Not to mention the fact that I still need to start working on my melee subs, especially DNC.

I think my macros are once again getting in the way of my enjoyment of RDM. For party play, I use 4 macro sets (CTR/ALT 6,7,8, and 9). But, because of lag, I find myself mis-casting often when switching between enfeebling/elemental/sleep sets (8 + 9) and healing/support sets (6 + 7). I don't mind so much if I'm in a duo/trio situation, since I'm quite happy with my solo macro set.

Re-doing macros tends to breathe new life into a job. Maybe it will encourage me to be more willing to gear RDM up more often.

Posted Apr 20 2010, 09:49 AM

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I haven't logged on in almost 2 weeks. It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't had the time.

With the nice weather, I've been doing lots of stuff outside, be it yard work or playtime with the kids. By the time I get the kids in bed, and do a bit of exercising, I don't have enough time to accomplish anything before bed, so I don't even bother logging in. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to get online to do something...
Posted Apr 6 2010, 03:35 PM