Thursday, August 16, 2018

Well, I'm back. Again.

Currently working on Yagrush and Fomalhaut.  When I'm not doing assaults or trying to figure out how to kill NMs, I'm trying to master GEO.

Braego has been back since the spring 'free two weeks' campaign.  Sligs has been back for the past month or so.  Unfortunately, my playtime doesn't really overlap with either of them.  Braego logs off before I can log on and I end up going to bed before Sligs logs in.

There's always the weekend, I guess!

I've capped xp/merits on all jobs.  I also leveled Trutaru up to 99 on RDM and SMN.  I'm thinking I might take Vellaide to 99 soon, too (just as soon as I convince myself that it is worth it to go through LB60).