Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's progress

I joined a pug to do DM last week. From the conversation that was going on in the alliance, this was their second attempt at the fight. It wasn't flawless, but we did manage to get the win (I had my doubts when the EV used benediction when we only had 2 mins left). I picked up a nice new Suppanomimi! I haven't really had a chance to play with it yet...

I spent some time in the Den of Rancor trying to get a coffer key for a map. After 3 hours of killing tonberries, I managed to do so. I also spent some time with Finnegan and some other WarriorsOfLeviathan to try to get a prelate key, unlit lantern, and BLM testimony. We were killing tonberries in Yhoator jungle. When I started, Everyone's Grudge would hit me for ~100. Before we finished, it was hitting for closer to 1000. Much to dangerous (as MNK/DNC), so I had to reset my hate. We never did see a BLM testimony drop when we needed one ; ;

I capped XP on MNK and also unlocked Formless Strikes, which ended up coming in handy as I was helping some new friends farm for chips in Pso'Xja. We were looking for chips for the CCB Polymer Pumps that are needed for CoP 6-4. Why, you may ask? Well, because I finished up CoP 5-3 over the weekend! We've scheduled 6-4 for Friday night and everyone in the static has a CCB Polymer Pump now. I hope we get lucky and manage to win our first time...

Vaynard logged back in for a little while on Sunday night. It's the first time he's been online in probably 2 weeks. It was nice to chat with him again!

My osode fund is almost to 1.9mil. I have had 2 people interested in selling for 1.7mil. Unfortunately, I've been AFK when they respond and end up selling to someone else. Maybe by the end of this week, I'll have one! I don't want to spend more than 1.8mil, but I will, if necessary.

SE is doing a special mog bonanza to coincide with Vanafest 2010. Only 1 marble per SE account. Rank 1 prizes are relic/mythic weapons (or shield). Were I to win, would I pick up Yagrush or Gjallerhorn? That's a really tough decision... One that I won't have to make, but fun to think about nonetheless.

I was asked if I needed a sky or dynamis shell last night. They run sky on Tue/Wed @6pm, which is too early for me. They do dynamis on Mon/Thu @ 8pm, which I can manage. I tagged along for Dynamis - Jeuno last night, hoping for some MNK or BRD goodness, but the group did not seem very cohesive. We only did ~1hr before the puller (and sponsor) decided that they were too ill to continue and just called it. COR and DRK were the only relic to drop. They keep points to use for lotting Xarcabard relic, which doesn't bother me one bit (I assume most people will be looking for THF, PLD, RDM, or BLM from Xarc). I don't really care about MNK head, although the BRD legs would be nice to own. I'll stick it out for a couple of weeks and see how things go. I'd really like to get some relic for BRD and MNK...
Posted Feb 16 2010, 10:31 AM

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 x 75

Met up with Finnegan again last night and we teamed up for some more campaign battles. Also ran into Arioch and had a brief /tell conversation kinda catching up. Eventually, he joined up with us for some 3-man campaign action.

It was quite enjoyable. It was great having a tank since without one, I usually end up dieing. It was also nice to be able to use my TP to help keep him alive, since I usually can't help others who are tanking mobs for me.

I dinged 75 at the end of the night, and have just a little over 1k for a buffer. Now, I could continue going out on MNK to get a bigger buffer, or I could switch to a job that is a little more useful (RE: BRD or WHM). I'm not sure what I'll be doing just yet.

I'm pretty sure that I'll be done levelling jobs for a little while though. I want to get caught up on merits and gear, first. Unless, the LS continues to be dead and my freind list continues to be empty, in which case, I may just hop on a lower level job and lfp.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost done

Well, I can cross the manteel off of my list of things to buy. I was really having second thoughts when I was at almost 5mil gil. In the end, I got the manteel for 3.9mil. I spent an extra 100k to get the cursed mitts, and within the course of 30 minutes, got my z.mitts and manteel.

After wearing it, I have two observations:

- The 12% song casting time reduction is awesome. I can't wait to try it out for real...
- It is the ugliest piece of gear that I have ever worn

It doesn't just look bad, it looks BAD. Fortunately, I can still activate the minstrel's ring latent w/o having to rely on the Goliard Saio. Maybe I'll seek on BRD when I finally 75 and a buffer on MNK.

Speaking of MNK, I dinged 74 the other night with my flag up in Cape Terrigan. The last time I was in a PT, I had just dinged 73 and left w/ ~2k buffer. The next 38k experience points came from EP and DC fish in Kuftal Tunnel, with a few thousand from FoV in Cape Terrigan. I don't really mind, since it has helped keep my h2h skill capped, but it would be nice to have just one more PT. I have decided to stay in the past to do campaign battles until I hit 75 (unless I get a PT invite, that is). If I can manage just 10k xp per day, I will be able to hit 75 by the end of the week.

Vay and I spent some time farming in Gustav Tunnel last week. We managed to nab the Ghost NM again, who generously dropped 3xCheviot Cloths. We both nabbed Blizzaga III scrolls, and we also got 3x Phantom Tathlums while hoping for an angel skin. In that one day of farming, we came out with a total of 1.1 mil to split between the two of us.

We also did a Royale Ramble run as a LS. No problems here, aside from gathering the right job combinations. We didn't get started until almost 2 hrs after the gather time, but all-in-all, it was a good set of runs.

My current shopping list consists of Kirin's Osode (2mil) and Hermes' Sandals (1mil). I'm at 1.3mil currently and finding it very hard to resist buying the sandals right away, since I can afford them. I think I will focus on gil-making activities for this weekend and if I have enough for the osode in the end, I'll go with that, otherwise, I'll just pick up a pair of sandals.

Why do I want these items?

Well, for Osode:
- Can be used on BRD, MNK, and WAR
- Good body for MNK
- Useful for max CHR on BRD
- It's purdy

For Sandals:
- 12% movement speed for MNK and WAR!
- 12% movement speed for MNK and WAR!!
- 12% movement speed for MNK and WAR!!!

I can always get +8% movement speed augment on the ASA pants, if I ever purchase that expansion. Then, I'll have some form of movement speed available for all of my 75 jobs, which is a luxury.

Now, if only that stuff would sell...
Posted Feb 2 2010, 11:48 AM