Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BLM... Done?!

Did the Odin Prime fight and got myself a nice new Aesir Ear Pendant. It feels good to finally have 2 nice melee earrings (Brutal and Aesir). I don't feel as gimp now :)

On a whim, I geared up BLM again, since I capped MNK and BRD. I got a couple of burn PTs in Vunkerl, and managed to slowly climb toward 70.

Theblondwarrior asked if I wanted to join their Abyssea PT as a nuker, even though I was a lower level. It turns out my nuking sucked... I was constantly getting resisted. I felt like a total leech, but I did manage to get 10k into 71.

Over the past weekend, Ia was out of the house visiting her brothers. I had set a goal for myself to get BLM to 75 before the end of the weekend. I managed to snag an abyssea PT one night, but I only had 2 stones. I was really hoping to be able to squeak out 24k xp in that time so that I could ding 72, and be able to do teles/retraces on BLM for some gil (which I was severely lacking). When the alliance finally broke 10 hours later, I had over 480 mins of visitant status remaining. I used ~150 forbidden keys. I went form 10k into 71 to 10k into 75, switched to merits and got 6 merits that I needed to open Burst/Freeze II, switched back to xp and capped xp @80, then got almost 2 more merits. In that 10 hours, I got 525,000 experience/limit points.

For what I've used BLM for, I really like it, although my gear sucks. I'm also behind on scrolls... but I've made some headway thanks to some help farming from CB. I'm going to hit up Castle O for Aero IV next.

We also headed up to Sky to knock out a couple of Byakkos. We took 11 people and managed to kill him twice w/o any problems. No haidate, though :(

Since he went down so easily, I think we'll be going up again real soon. Just as soon as we can put some more popsets together.

Also tried to do the NM that drops the Bifrost Ring (70 HP -> MP). I managed to get the highest random so we did my pop first. It did not go well. I think we got the NM to ~70% before we wiped. I'm thinking that you need to have a couple of tanks and a lot of AoE healing. A fully meritted WHM (barspells and Shell V), AoE stoneskin or Cureskins, and maybe Fire Carol would be useful, along with a ton of DD. I'd like to try it again with some slayers soon.

Did UIA w/ CB and Vay but didn't get any good drops. Also did ISNM w/ Z, but only 1 ore dropped (and not to a slayer).

IRL, I just had the ACL replaced in my right knee yesterday. I'll be off work for ~2 weeks while it recovers. Ia has been treating me like a freakin' champ. Much <3 <3 <3
Posted Aug 17 2010, 12:40 PM

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I FINALLY got one of those uber Abyssea parties. The day didn't start off that way, though.

I got invited to an existing Abyssea party in Tahrongi canyon on MNK. I was doing campaign and was just ~12k to 77. I took the invite with high hopes. I had 3 stones on me, 120 mins of visitant status, and Joachim still had some stones for me.

That alliance lasted just 30 minutes or so before they broke. Apparently, they had been going for awhile but just lost steam. We had to quit when 1/2 of the alliance was ejected from the zone.

I replenished the visitant status that I had used and filled back up to 3 stones. Shortly after that, I got another invite back to Tahrongi. We were fighting the floating head BLM mobs near Warp 4. These were a breath of fresh air for me, after fighting coeurls. I felt like I was actually able to hit the things and do some decent damage. This alliance started right around 2PM. When I walked away, it was 12:30. I checked at 3AM and they were still going. By my calculation, I got almost 375,000 experience points during that time. It was enough for me to take MNK from 76 to capped xp @ 80 and finish off the last 3 merits to get 10 merit points and 9999/10000 toward merit 11. At that time, I was capped on XP (600/kill) and getting close w/ the cruor, I think (60/kill).

At that point, I left to use my merits and switch to BRD (since I only had ~100 buffer). When I left at the end of the night, BRD was also capped, and I was 10/10 merits and 9999/10000 toward 11. (500 xp/kill ?? cruor/kill) I spent all of those, then killed a lesser colibri, and spent that point, too. Next time I go into Abyssea, I'll be able to cap xp (if I'm on WHM, WAR, or RDM; which are 2k, 1k, 14k to cap respectively) and get 110,000 limit points before having to leave. That should give me a good 3 hours at least.

When I joined that 2nd alliance, I had ~120 minutes of visitant status. When I left 10 hours later, I had ~160 minutes of visitant status remaining. I still have 3 stones on me, and I'm pretty sure Joachim has 5 or 6 more waiting for me!

Now, if I had been allowed to leech on BLM as key b!tch, those 375000 xp would have taken me from just into 64 to 13k into 75! I am definitely going to focus on getting BLM closer to 70 so that I can start taking it to Abyssea in the hopes of getting it to 80 and meritted pretty soon.

I can't wait to get another party like that again... At the same time, if my parties turn out to be a bust, I won't mind as much, since I have finally had the chance to experience the sweet xp that can come out of Abyssea.

I spent the last of my gil buying ABCs and finally got my Brutal Earring :) Thanks to a loan from Zman (which I repaid the next day). I think the next purchase willl be a musical earring, then relaxing. My last ABC purchase will be the Boxer's Mantle. I just need to find a way to be able to afford all of those ABCs!
Posted Aug 3 2010, 04:22 PM