Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Potent Cures

I snagged the last few light geodes that I needed from the AH and upgraded my Surya's Staff to +3.
It adds a single point of cure potency (from 22% to 23%), but it's got a nice yellow box around it.  I can't wear it on BRD yet, but I can use it for the rest of my mage jobs.

Also picked up a nice little piece of back cure potency goodness that I can wear on all of my mage jobs:

Unfortunately, it is even better than the Orison cape that I spent so much time trying to acquire:

I guess I'll put the Orison cape in storage since the 1% cure potency of Oretania's means more to me than the -4 Enmity on the Orison.

For WHM, this puts my cure potency @ 46%.  For all other jobs, my cure potency is 29%.  I could still make some improvements by getting the +1 fylgja torque (+1% cure pot over NQ), the Roundel Earring (+5% Cure/Waltz potency, if it ever drops down below 2-3 million), and the Serpentes set:

 (which I really want to have anyways, 'cause I'm a gear refresh whore)

Now, adding all of these to WHM would be overkill, but I could then sell my Noble's tunic and use Orison +1 body instead for the extra healing skill while still being @ the 50% cure cap.

For my other mage jobs, adding the +1 torque, earring, and serpentes gear would bring my cure potency up to 40% which is pretty darn good for non-WHMs (imho).

Maybe I'll focus on getting those Serpentes pieces this week.  They really are nice pieces! The Cuffs drop from Mictlantecuhtli in Tahrongi, and the Sabots drop from a T2 VNM Brooder in La Theine.

In other news, I spent a few hours farming for feet in Vunkerl last night.  I have the seals ready, I just need the DNC boots.  While I was there we got DRG and BLU.  Some day, those boots will be mine!