Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRD Done, Now for MNK

I managed to ding 80 BRD on the last mob in an abyssea run. I used my scroll, then changed to MNK. I don't have a proper buffer for BRD, but I wanted a break from pulling.

MNK is currently 14k to 77. I have the aurore legs and hands waiting... If I could just get into one of those great abyssea PTs, or at least get in one that lasts longer than 2 hrs. I picked up a few key items, a map, some additional confluxes, and teal body. I used up a bunch of cruor, but I've got 6+stones waiting for me and capped visitant status, so I should have more than enough cruor for anything that I might need in the near future.

Went camping IRL recently, so I've been away from the game for awhile. Maybe I'll get back into it soon...
Posted Jul 28 2010, 05:07 PM

Monday, July 19, 2010

Add: WHM, RDM80... BRD closing fast

I finished WHM to 80 and promptly turned around and finished RDM to 80, too. In the process of doing so, I'm 1 rank away from maxed Medal in Campaign. (wouldn't you know it: no Allied rings since I've had the rank to buy 'em)

BRD is 30k to 80, which shouldn't take too long in a decent merit PT. I just need the motivation to get it done. I haven't felt like pulling for the past few days, so I haven't been getting any PTs (though, not for lack of invites).

I've yet to be involved in one of those uber abyssea PTs. The experiences that I have had have been enjoyable, though. Average right around 15k/hr for 1.5 to 2 hrs. I did pick up all of the new spells that I need except for 3: Protect V, Water IV, and Baramnesra.

I expect Protect V to drop below vendor price (which is 106k). I won't spend 150-200k on a lolRDM nuke scroll (I'll farm it up, instead), and baramnesra should be available for ~20k soon. I don't have any steady income atm, so I'm trying to be conservative with the little bit of gil that I have.

I took advantage of lazy people and sold 8 or so scrolls of Protect V on the AH. I bought them from the vendor @ 106k, and sold them on the AH for 150-180k. In the end, I made ~300k from scrolls.

I think I'll continue working on BRD until I get a decent buffer (at least 20k), then switch to MNK and work on that via campaign/FoV/Abyssea. I'm actually looking forward to doing some Abyssea on MNK. It will be nice to not really have to pay attention like I've had to on WHM/RDM/BRD.

I picked up the 3 pieces of Perle gear that I wanted (hands, legs, and feet). This means no more dusk gear on WAR!!!

I also picked up the Aurore legs for MNK, and the Teal hands for BRD. I'lll pick up Teal legs/body soon, and eventually Aurore hands ('cause MNK doesn't have any haste in the hand slot).

If SE ever makes the sets storable, I'll pick up the rest of each set. Until then, I'll use my cruor to buy maps, and activate confluxes for faster travel inside the zones.
Posted Jul 19 2010, 02:33 PM

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy busy busy

We did manage to get CB up to sea the next Friday. Tenzen was a fun/quick fight. I guess my opening WS got his attantion as he put me down in short order ~5 seconds into the fight. The rest of the group was able to finish him off, though.

CB and I then did the map mini-quest for him, followed by some BLU spell farming. We were able to get all of the spells that he needed from the Aerns, sharks, goldfish, and squid. I saw him doing 8-2 and 8-3 over the weekend, so we can go in and get the spells that he needs from the euvhi and grah inside of Ru'Hmet.

I didn't do dynamis during the week of the update, but did manage to go the following Tuesday as WAR80/SAM40. It was nice doing some good ol' fashioned fragmentation SCs! I managed to only die once, too. It was a short run, but the BRD feet went freelot and I was lucky enough to win the lot on one. Yay for 1/5 BRD relic ^^ Still for pieces for both BRD and MNK to go!

The last 1.5 weeks have been very busy for me in-game.

Here's the overview:
- June Update on Monday June 22
- Thursday June 25: tore MCL in right knee
- Friday, June 26 - Monday, July 5: working from home/vacation/holiday

Basically, from Friday, June 26 through Monday, July 5, I've been logged in/playing FFXI every chance that I get. This has allowed me to do a couple of notable things:

- WAR to 80 w/ capped xp
- WHM to 79
- 2/3 Perle pieces from Abyssea (so close to the 3rd!)

Getting that last piece of Perle (hands) will be nice because it will allow me to retire dusk hands/feet for good for WAR. Ultimately, I lose out on 1% haste and a few points of attack, but I think that perle hands/legs/feet will be acceptable TP pieces.

After I get perle hands, I'll work on the Aurore stuff for MNK, starting with the legs, then hands, and finally feet. I'm not too interested in the mage armor (Teal Saio set) for WHM, but it may be useful for BRD or RDM (if I can manage to carry more gear for either of those jobs).

I spent a lot of time with the guys in the LS doing stuff late at night, including Abyssea cruor farming/exploration and xp partying (in slow WS fashion). I spent 7 or 8 hours with Zman in the Boyahda tree skilling up/farming. We both walked out of there ~200k richer, which was nice. It also allowed me to cap my club skill on WHM (@77). I did 1 ISNM3k, managed to die (like I always seem to do), and didn't get an ore. As karma would have it, the retarded RDM that spent more time flapping his figurative jaw got an ore >.> This dude was a waste of space. The melee's had to ask for haste, and of the 6 runs that we did, 3 of them involved the death of a melee. I don't know what this dude was doing, but he couldn't have been paying attention to the game.

I took advantage of the new spells by buying from the NPC and selling for a profit on the AH. If/when my last scroll sells, I will have made 350k just for running out to Rabao 5 times. It's nice to not be hovering ~20k gil.

In that time, I also had a birthday party and some holiday festivities, got some yardwork done, and did a bunch of housework.

Back at work, they're remodeling my office, which means that I'm stuck in a visitor's cubicle for the next couple of weeks. I'm seriously considering working from home until my office is done. Maybe in that time I can finish WHM (80 and capped xp), RDM, and BRD before starting on MNK.
Posted Jul 6 2010, 02:06 PM