Friday, December 17, 2010

December Update

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Of course, the level cap was raised from 85 to 90, so all my jobs are now @ 90 with capped xp.

I don't see it in the last few posts, but I've completed my WHM head +1. I'm not caught up on all spells/songs for 86-90 because I'm waiting for the prices to come down a bit.

After I got my mage jobs to 90, I upgraded my Surya's Staff to +2 (22% cure potency). We've got ASA final fight planned for Sunday which should add another 3 or 5% cure potency to my RDM/BRD/BLM cure macros, not to mention 8% movement speed for all of my mage jobs (which will give me movement speed on all of my 90s).

SE upped the drop rates in dynamis and it really shows. I'm looking forward to doing ice/CoP zones sometime soon to get some more rare pieces of relic.

I finished up CoP missions recently. We were able to low-man the pot fight fairly easily and Promathia went down in a hurry. It is nice to finally have my rajas ring, although I'm not sure that I've got enough room in my macros for it! (I should just be able to full-time it since it is better than my Flame ring and I don't really need to wear the sniper's ring any longer.

I've been working on slowly collecting seals for all of the pieces of empyrean armor that I still need to upgrade. I still have to complete:

Body, hands, feet

Head, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet

Head, Body, Hands, Feet

Head, Body, Hands, Feet

Head, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet

Head, Body, Hands, Feet

I actually have the base feet for WHM, WAR, MNK, and BRD. I've got the resistance credits, dominion notes, cruor required to pick up all of the head, legs, hands, and body pieces, but I'm going to wait until I have all my seals before I buy any of the armor pieces.

Maybe I'll get some of the pieces upgraded between now and the next update.
Posted Dec 17 2010, 06:47 PM