Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It was a rare occasion on Thursday night that Ia was able to log in.  We then spent the next hour trying to figure out what we wanted to do.  Before she could spend all her gil at the AH, I suggested that we go out and skill up a bit.

We ended up in Kuftal Tunnal, me as MNK/DNC, her as BRD/NIN.  I wanted to get my staff skill up a few levels.  I started at 194 and after ~1 hour of beating up on crabs, I finished with 207 and some change.  The next day I went to the Boyahda Tree for more skill ups.  I couldn't devote huge chunks of time, but I was able to get my skill up to 232 before I left.

I picked up my pole of trials, but didn't manage to make it out to do any weaponskills until last night when sligs offered to help me out.  In just under 90 minutes, we were able to break the latent.  I ran out to Ifrit's Cauldron and beat up the skeleton NM to finally learn the last weaponskill that I needed to have all blue procs for MNK.  Now, I won't feel like such a noob when we go to kill NMs during blunt time!

After, sligs and I went to Abyssea - Attohwa to kill Kharon for some SMN head seals.  We went as MNK/DNC x2 and had a super fun time!  We only got 2 SMN seals in the 2 hours that we were there, but we had a ton of fun doing it!  If we had one more person, we probably would have been able to yellow stagger him.   Maybe next time!

Sligs also showed interest in doing dynamis regularly with me, which could work out well.  I can see him going DNC/NIN and me going mage (maybe SCH?) just to handle links and magic staggers.

I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done in-game this weekend; I hope that the linkshell or my friends list isn't empty when I go to do it!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Castle O: My Home Away From Home

I've spent the last few nights farming in Castle O.  I just love tearing that place apart on DNC.  One of my first memories of that place came a long time ago when I was doing Windy missions.  There was a group of us (not sure if we were 75) who needed to click the ??? in the middle of the room at the top of Castle O.  The High Priest NM was up, though, and we didn't know how we were supposed to click it without linking the entire room.  Eventually someone who didn't need the mission sac pulled the NM and all the other mobs so that we could get the ???. 

Now?  I can clear every mob in the room and still have time to go AFK to get a drink before repops.  Super fun!

I'm trying to save up a bit of gil but every trip to the AH can be dangerous for me.  When I get some cash saved up, I start to look at (and bid on) the luxury items.  Ideally, I need to be saving up for:

Blizzaja (~1.5 mil)
Comet (~2.5 mil)
Thunder V (~1.7 mil)
Curaga V (~500k)
Temper (~500k)
Holy II (~600k)

But, in typical fashion, I spent all my gil on this, instead:

I can't wait to actually use it!  Finally a cure potency piece that I can use on RDM and SCH (BLM and BRD, too)!  While it doesn't change my cure potency on WHM at all, it does bring cure potency on BLM/RDM/SCH/BRD up to 44%.

Of course I'm broke now and still don't have any of the scrolls that I need, and I probably overpaid for the new piece, but I was super excited to be able to buy this!

At the end of the night, I went with Ev and CB again to farm up some dynamis currency.  We tossed around the idea of going to a different zone, but in the end, in the interest of maximizing our profit potential, we just went into Beaucedine again.  As I was going to the quad TE, CB decided to run up to the Orc TE at the pond to solo it and save a few minutes.  Unfortunately, he didn't have reraise up and had a massive link, including a BLM who was out of range for his sleep.  He ended up getting KO'd and homepointed, thinking that he would be able to enter like old-style dynamis.  He dropped from the party and logged off when he couldn't get back in.  I hope he wasn't too upset.

Ev and I took out the last TE and went to farm the Yagudos.  We managed to pull the entire night without any magic stagger mobs.  I think there was only 2 or 3 mobs that we didn't stagger the entire night.  We both walked away with 55 coins, which I sold overnight. 

I really would like to do dynamis every night, though.  I could use a few hundred thousand gil every day.

I wasn't keeping track, but armor was something like SCHx3, BST, DRK, SMN, WHM, THF.  With the exception of CB's KO, it was a fun (and productive) run!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back in the groove

I got back in the game, and back in the groove in the last few days.  I got into an abyssea party and managed to take DNC, BRD, and WAR to cap.

Ia and I knocked out a few of her CoP missions.  It should be fun getting her up into sea.  I'm not looking forward to all of the legwork, though.

I spent some time leveling Ia's subjobs.  I took both her BLM and SCH subs from 38-50, so she doesn't have to worry about doing that.  I also got her the last ~20k or so that she needed on WHM to get it to 80.  Now, she can do 2 neat tricks: Accession buff and Warp II!

I did a couple of farming sessions in Castle O. to help with my new scroll fund.  Both sessions got cut short due for other things.

I helped Ev/Flow/Mil and CB proc/kill Brulo for Maleficus.  After we popped Koios and managed to snag CB's last PUP body seal.  No SCH earring though :(

After, CB agreed to explore Dynamis - Beaucedine with me.  I wanted BLM and SCH AF, he wanted PUP.  We both really just wanted to explore a bit, though.  Except for the first TE (the goblin statue), the session went quite well.  We got the 4 10-minute TEs, and farmed quadavs for a little over an hour.  We walked out with only 25 coins, but learned a lot in the process. I got PLD and SMN AF.

The following night, we went back in with Ev on THF.  We got all 5 TEs without any problems and had a good long time to farm for currency/AF.  What a difference his TH made.  We walked out with 99 currency and I managed to snag BLM, SCH, DNC, THF, and another SMN AF.  I had forgotten that I needed DNC legs until they dropped.  Too bad we didn't see any PUP. 

These allow my chocobo jig to last a full 3 minutes! 

And this piece is great for sublimation and buffs!

If I understand correctly, at 95 with Relic body and AF hat, my sublimation will charge at a rate of 4HP -> 10MP / tic.  With ~1200 HP, it should only take 1.5 minutes to fully charge.  At this point, sublimation is so much better than refresh; it's not even close.  I just need to spend some time playing around on SCH so I can get a feel for how it works.  Now, if I can ever manage to get the SCH earring and this little gem:

Then my sublimation will complete in just 1.25 mins!  I must make an effort to attain these shinies!