Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3/20 and Counting

Well, we did 2 more floor 80 bosses last night and one 81+ lolFloorClimb.

Both times we got to 80 we found Hydra waiting for us. Hydra who has stumped us 3 times in the previous two weeks. Hydra who, this time, went down fighting, even when we had less than 10 minutes to get the kill.

What did we get for our fantastic efforts? COR gun and DRK scythe. At least Vay finally got his weapon, but it would still be nice to actually see some more armor, since we've got so many people waiting for it. RDM sword also dropped off of an NM on one of the runs, which went to Alden. With two more weapons in the group, we'll have to start climbing again (which will be triply great for me since I've got the WHM, WAR, and RDM weapons already). We'll be starting from 1 when we do decide to start climbing again.

So, now we've killed floor 80 bosses ~20 times and have 3 (or 4) pieces of armor to show for it....

Also did a little bit of campaign battles and got enough merit points to put another upgrade into Devotion last night. I'm at 4/5 which puts the recast at 12.5 minutes. I'm looking forward to getting another 50k limit points and finishing Devotion merits. Once that is done, I think I'll merit a bit more for WAR (Crit+, DA, Warrior's Charge specifically).
Posted Jan 21 2009, 10:27 AM

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucky Sky!

RebornLegacy was doing another dreamland zone on Sunday night, so I was able to head up to sky with TheSons. I went up there as WAR, and boy, did I embarrass myself! My gear is OK for AH gear, but it really pales in comparison to the other dedicated DDs in the LS who have oodles of RA/EX stuff. I think I may have to head up there as a mage until I get some better RA/EX WAR gear.

We did Genbu, Seiryu, and Byakko x2. It seemed like all of the fights went very well. Of course, I was never in any real danger of dying because I wasn't doing enough damage to even get the mobs attention. I was going to lot Kabuto and shield off of Genbu, if they went free. I was hoping to have enough points to lot A.Legs for my zenith slacks from Seiryu, and then I wanted Byakko's Axe (among other things). The only thing I was really willing to spend any points on, though, was the A.Legs.

I was lucky enough to have enough points to lot for A.Legs. Seiryu happened to drop them, and I lotted 956 (give or take). So now, I'm the rightful owner of the abjuration for Zenith Slacks. All I need is another ~500K to buy the cursed slacks and then I'll be one piece closer to my max MP build for WHM and RDM. I'm pretty pumped! Byakko was also kind enough to drop his axe on the 2nd kill. It went freelot and I was the only person to lot it, so I got that as well. I think it's one of the top 3 axes in the game DPS-wise. Now I won't feel as gimp when I'm using GA in merit PTs and such.

After sky, i stuck around in Al Zhabi for a quick level 8 besieged. I died a few times, but was alive when it counted and got an extra 1450 XP/IS. I'm just over 5k to merit #5 (which will go to Devotion) and finally got back above 10k IS.

Last week I spent some time running around getting coffer keys and starting quests for MNK AF. I was able to get 3 pieces (head, hands, feet) so far. I spent 8+ hours in Beadeaux but have yet to see a single coffer key, which really sucks since I get the MNK body from a Beadeaux coffer, which I really want. I still need to flag the AF legs quest which is a popped NM on the top floor of Castle O. Once I have the rest of the AF, I think I'll actually work on levelling MNK up a few more levels. At this point, I'm not sure if I want to go to 75, or just stop at 60 after I take a screenshot in full AF.
Posted Jan 19 2009, 01:27 PM

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nothing to report, Sir!

Well, I haven't played a whole lot of FFXI Christmas. I've been trying to log on to do my weekly events, but even those have been missing (Nyzul and multiple dynamis runs canceled because of holidays/rl stuff).

On Sunday, I logged in to see what was happening in Dynamis. We were supposed to do Xarc, but the co-sponsor with Xarc access couldn't make it online, so they ended up doing Buburimu instead. Slig sent me a tell asking if I wanted to go do Kirin with them and TheSons which I would've loved to do, but by the time the LS leaders decided on which zone they were going to do, TheSons had already popped Kirin.

Had I known that the Kirin fight would've taken almost an hour, I may have still run out there. As it was, I just decided to log off instead.

Monday, I hopped on in hopes of soloing the MNK AF Feet NMs in Davoi again. I got geared up and saw that Wack was planning on going into the past to do some SNMs. I was going to help out but ended up getting pulled AFK by a crying baby, and I didn't make it back down to my PC before I fell asleep. Too bad, too. I've been wanting to take my revised RDM macros for a spin; get used to them a bit before I have to actually use RDM at an important event.

Tuesday, Ia wasn't feeling well so I didn't get online until it was time for Nyzul. We did 3x80 boss. We got to floor 80 all 3 times without much trouble. Twice we had more than 15 mins. We got Hydra all 3 times and his physical shield and plague were more than we could handle. We did kill him the first time and finally got an Askar body to drop (which went to Wacky). The 2nd time, we got him down to 7% before his physical shield and regen brought him back up above 40% and we timed out (technically, Alden and I used our fireflies after wack, lol, and slig went down... yosh ran away until the time was up). We wanted revenge but were stumped again on the 3rd try.

I think the reason was because we didn't have the extra damage that we needed. Instead of Redd on SAM, we had Yosh on THF. Now, this wouldn't be bad except that I think Yosh's RDM nuking gear is better than Alden's. So we didn't have enough magic damage for when physical shield was up.

I'm not really sure what we can do. I love to have TH on boss floors, but I don't know if we can afford to lose the extra bit of magical damage... Might be something that we need to discuss as a group.

As far as body armor goes, I think we still need 2x Askar (lol and me) and one Goliard (for Alden, as I think Yosh has his already). If lol wants Goliard for PUP, then that would mean 2 Goliard.

Oh, and Dune Widow gave us a Beetle Gorget this time, I think. Stupid spider ><

I had mentioned that I need to kill the 2 NMs in Davoi for MNK AF feet and the entire static seemed willing to help (which I would've done after Nyzul if it weren't so late).

I skipped Dynamis on Wed because I wanted the extra bit of sleep. I think I'm getting sick :'(

Maybe I can grab a person or two and take care of the NMs in Davoi this weekend. I'm pretty sure that I could solo them on RDM, but I'd rather just get it done instead of trying to bind/kite one while I kill the other. I also need coffer keys from Garlaige, Beadeaux, and Crawler's Nest. Maybe I'll hunt those keys first since I haven't been able to spend a whole lot of time in the game lately.

I think that my desire to play the game may be directly proportional to the amount of gil that I have. Generally, when I have a bit of gil available (more than 100k), I'm more excited about logging in to play. However, when my wallet shrinks, I tend to be less excited about logging in.... I wonder if anyone else feels that way?

Oh well, here's to a (hopefully) good weekend!
Posted Jan 9 2009, 04:08 PM