Tuesday, February 8, 2011

16/8 seals = BRD Feet +2?

I saw a Gnawtooth Gary shout going on for quite awhile and BRD wasn't taken. Even though it was late (something like 1AM on Saturday morning) I decided to jump on the opportunity to finally get those BRD feet seals.

It was a BLM NIN BLU trio and things went pretty smoothly. In the first 3 kills we had one drop 3x BRD (which was pretty epic). The rest of the night only saw 2 more seals before we called it quits. The BLU either fell asleep or just went uber-AFK at one point after the NIN and I came back from Jeuno. The whole fight he didn't do a thing. On that kill 4x BLM seals dropped. Since he didn't contribute, the NIN and I decided that I could lot the seals. So I did. And on the next pop, 2 more BLM seals dropped, which I also lotted. We ended up doing another pair of pops which gave the NIN the last 2 SMN seals that he needed and me the last 2 BLM seals that I needed (still need the feet from Attohwa Chasm, though). Unfortunately, I was still only @ 5/8 BRD seals.

The next day, I jumped in on another Gnawtooth Gary group to get the last 3 seals that I needed. I was alternating drops with another in the group, but it didn't take too long before I got them. When the group was finished, I eagerly ran to the porter moogle to get my BRD feet back.

He didn't have them, even though I was pretty sure I gave them to him at one point. After I found them, I heded to Ru'Lude gardens to turn them into the crate.

When I traded them to the crate, it asked me if I wanted to deposit the seals for trial 4205, which is for the BRD feet +1. I turned them in and it said my objective is complete! I went back to the moogle to trade my boots to him, and he asked me if I wanted to undergo trial 4205.

... huh, that's weird...

No, I don't want to start 4205, I want to finish it!

No matter what I did, he wouldn't let me complete the trial. It was about this time that I remembered something about the Porter Moogles stripping a trial from gear. Sure enough, my feet no longer had the [Trial 4205] inscription.

The solution was to abandon the trial and lose the 8 seals that I just deposited.

I did a search and happened to see that the person who was alternating lots with me in the earlier group was back out there. I sent them a tell to see if they were farming Gary again, which they were. I asked if he/she was the only one lotting BRD, which they were. they let me come back out and lot BRD after they got their 8 seals.

By the end of the afternoon, I was able to get another 8 seals. This time, when I turned them in, I made sure that my boots had the [Trial 4205] inscription and was rewarded with my speedy shoes, which also completed my first full set of empyrean +1 armor!

Armed with this new boost in movement speed, I decided to focus on questing the rest of the WAR body seals that I needed. I elected to take the cruor hit and just warp out each time. With my new shoes and mazurka, I could finish a run in just a few seconds more than 3 mins of visitant status.

I was able to get 2 more WAR and 1 more RDM seal that night (bringing me to 8/10 and 5/10).

The next day was Dynamis - Windurst. It didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't having fun, so I just left the LS and dropped my glass in the middle of the run. I went back out to finish that WAR body.

Eventually, I got back-to-back WAR seals and now have a nice new TP and WS piece all-in-one! I can't wait to try it out. 3/5 on WAR +1s... Can't wait to finish the whole set.

I think I'll focus next on a quest in Grauberg that rewards RDM and BLM body seals, and hopefully finish those body pieces in that order. After that, it will just be the long MNK body quest in U.Range.
Posted Feb 8 2011, 01:58 PM