Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Epic Weekend, cont.

To continue the rest of the epic weekend, I went out to Grauberg to help Wack kill a couple Ningishzida/Alfards.  He was after stones for his +2 body.  With the exception of some connection problems, things went pretty well.  Managed to get a single WHM body seal for Ia, and won the lot on Widowmaker! 

I'm so excited to have this G.Axe!  I probably spent 30 minutes just looking at it :)  I immediately put my elephas axe on the AH and it sold relatively quickly (for less than 1/2 what I paid for it).  I also managed to snag 2 Cards of Ardor which I can use for WHM, MNK, or SCH +2 bodies.  I figure I'll upgrade the SCH body first, but I've got awhile before I need to actually make that decision.

That night we farmed Xarcabard in an attempt to get some forgotten hopes for Wack.  We had a bit of trouble when I incorrectly identified a TE, but we recovered and seemed to be able to farm for quite awhile.  We only managed to get 2 forgotten hopes, but it is a start!

I helped wack work on his G.Axe trial.  When he's done, he'll have a really nice G.Axe w/ high base damage, +VIT, and -pdt.  It'll be very nice for Steel Cyclone and Upheaval!

Sligs offered his Orthrus pop so that I could get an Atheling Mantle.  The fight went without a hitch and I got that secksy mantle!  Ziggy needed to kill Waugyl for a quest so we did that, too.  I managed to get a DNC body seal as a reward from the 'Proof of the Lion' quest. 

The kills relied heavily on BST pets and went fairly quickly/safely.  It was much better than my previous experience w/ BST solo/ low-man. Almost makes me want to level BST!!!

Since we had a few people together, and enough to cover blue procs, we headed to Vunkerl so I could pop the T2 VNM in an attempt to get the Crooner's Cithara.  It popped in a relatively safe place and we were able to proc blue in the last couple % of the mob's health.  We were rewarded with the harp and the Magnus Sainti, which Wack won the lot on.

Before we left, we killed Sippoy just for fun.  Everyone else passed on the 100% drops (Ravager's Orb, Aoidos' Matinee) so I was fortunate enough to be able to take those.  Then, we all headed up to sky to kill Suzaku a couple times.

While waiting for everyone to gather, we were just killing mobs and Protecus couldn't stop raving about how awesome the Magnus Sainti were.  I guess the double damage kicked in very frequently.  Now, I want a pair!  Since my abyssite didn't change, we're going to go out again and maybe get a harp for either Lun or Ia and hopefully a set of knucks for me :)

Somewhere in there I finished my 30th merit point, so I went and completely upgraded Exenterator.  I tried it out in campaign and really liked the results.  Hopefully, Upheaval and shijin spiral will be just as nice at 5/5.

The suzakus went off without a hitch...  It's amazing how easy the sky gods are now.  We killed twice and both times lasted less than 3 minutes w/ a PT of BST, MNK, WAR, THF, SCH, WHM.  In the end, Wack got some sune-ate, so he was pretty happy. 

Got into a group fighting Seps, so I managed to finish off my Savant's Loafers +1.

I can't wait to test them out.

All this new gear allowed me to mule/sell some gear.  I also came across a 'quitting FFXI' bazaar and picked up some low-priced goodies to use/re-sell.  I reorganized my gear and feel like I've got my inventory under control. 

Hopefully, this week will be just as productive!