Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dorp to End All Dorps

Last night was Dynamis - Xarcabard. I logged on early and geared up to do some campaign, to build up my buffer a bit (I was 8k from capped) but was just too tired so got a little power nap in instead.

I made sure to get out to the trail markings early so that I would be included in attendance. This was the first run that I'd attended since they implemented the new points system. All the 'old-timers' started at last Sunday's Valkurm run with 10 points, and got an additional 4 for the run, bringing their total to 14 points. Since I don't have access to CoP zones, I only had 10 points. I was sure this was going to be bad for me if the RDM hat actually dropped.

Fast forward 30 minutes into dynamis when we're fighting Duke Berith (the RDM demon NM). For the second time since January, he drops his hat. The LS leader calls out those who are eligible to lot and I'm not on the list (of course, I've got 4 less points than everyone else). The high lot was only 702. I was so very tempted to just lot it and see if I could win it. I didn't, and the hat dropped to someone else.

I was kinda disappointed and wondered if I would ever have enough points to lot the hat over anyone who had dreamland access. I sent the leader a tell asking if I could get points for showing up to dreamland zones to act as a glass mule or something (to which he eventually agreed) so that I wouldn't constantly be behind everyone else.

Fast forward 1 hour after we just cleared the Eye Wall. A second RDM hat drops. So, I'm waiting to see who they announce has lotting rights. Of course, they list the same people that they listed for the first hat (which didn't include me). Then, I hear someone pipe up and say that I should be allowed to lot as well since I was in the same point tier as everyone else (Tiers go in increments of 15, so if someone is 15 points lower than someone else, that person cannot lot). The LS leader agreed that since I've never missed a run that I, too, was eligible.

So I look at the other 3 who lotted and my heart just sank. The high lot was 965. Then.... epicness:

I rolled 983.

The guys on vent just exploded! I celebrated my lotting-leetness by dying twice in a row. I didn't even see in the log when it dropped to me, I just saw all of the congratulations. So, I looked back in the log and sure enough:

Truece obtains a Duelist's Chapeau.

So, I put it on, stared at myself for a little while, then announced to the LS that I was done with dynamis and asked for a D2 ^^ Of course I was joking (I'll slowly phase out of dynamis over the next few months, probably).

I need to adjust my macros a bit now since I want to idle in the relic hat and all of my macros leave me idling in artifact hat.

I just can't believe that I finally have this incredible piece.

Then, to top it all off, I see that SE announced the WHM job updates for the April version update. New spells, changes to old spells, and new JAs, too! We even get an AoE Erase :) I can't wait to check out those changes.

Tonight after ENM, we are either gonna do 2 floor climbs in Nyzul so that we can do 3xboss floors next week, or we'll do my CoP 2-3 fight. Well, since I'm not worried about points for dynamis gear any longer, I think I'd rather do Nyzul Isle. Soon, I'll start working off points for Mystic Boon and King's Justice!!!

It's been a good week ^^
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

+20 Floors

I headed up to sky with TheSons on Sunday since FashionablyLate/Manaburn was doing CoP dynamis. I got approval from Ari early to could come WAR since I wanted to test out my new Juggernaut.

Boy, did I feel useless. I couldn't hit the broad side of a Byakko ; ;

On the plus side, I grabbed a cursed celata which I was able to immediately get uncursed. So now I've got a nice new WS piece for both Axe and GAxe.

After sky, I spent 1.5 hrs running around Veg... Place looking for a coffer, but I couldn't find one before I had to warp because of Detector agg.

Tuesday was Nyzul climb 66-80. We had some trouble on the very first floor with some hidden gears which agg'd to JAs during a fight. The rest of the run went smooth and we managed to get the clear all the way up to 80 (no armor drop). Wack got pretty upset at the lack of focus, but I didn't really get that vibe from the group. The gears agg from a pretty good distance, and people were focused on what they were doing: fighting a mob for the objective. We just didn't have enough sleeps available to get them all before a couple ppl died.

At the end of the night, we decided to do one more climb and got up to 85. This means that next time, we should be able to get runic seals for the rest of the static and at the same time, take a shot at some nyzul hats. It will be nice to be done with climbs forever and only have to worry about doing boss floors.

I also did my Sergeant quest after nyzul. It's nice that I can get my mercenary rank up while doing Nyzul. I feel like I'm killing two birds with one stone.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Gots Me A Dorp!

Dynamis Beaucedine last night. We got crazy drops, something like, 16 pieces of relic (RDMx3, BLMx3, BLUx2, WARx2, SCH, COR, MNK, SAM, BST, WHM). One mob dropped both RDM and BLU bodies. We had 4 pieces of relic in the treasure pool at one time (RDMx2, BLU, BLM). The linkshell leaders did some recruiting and we ended up with 40 people in the zone. I had terrible luck with lots on synth mats, only snagging one XP scroll in the first 90 minutes. Then, we had back-to-back wootz ores drop, for which I lotted 858 and 850. I had high lots on both for a few minutes, until someone else raised up and beat my 850. It was funny because the sponsor commented on how I always had shitty lots on synth mats when I used to run with them before, but whenever wootz dropped, I'd get super lucky (although he exaggerated a bit saying I'd come away with 4 or 5 ores, when I never won more than 2 in a single run). So, I ended coming away from that run with ~180k, which is the only reason I wanted to do beaucedine in the first place. We ended up getting the clear with less than a minute left on the hourglasses.

They have some Tavnazia's scheduled and plan to do dual runs those nights, with the 'left over' ppl doing a city zone. The first city zone is Bastok, which I will definitely be attending, and hoping for more luck with Wootz ores.

They announced that they're going to move toward a point system to reward those reliable folks who can't seem to get lucky with drops. This is nice because it will make it slightly easier for me to get my chapeau, but I can see myself falling behind since I can't do CoP zones.

On Tuesday, before Nyzul, Ald, Wack and I went down to the Den of Rancor to help Leg with one of his ZMs. On the way we killed Carmine-Tailed Tonberry (or something like that) who was nice enough to drop the Asklepios (WHM/BLM/SCH/SMN only club, 30HP->MP, Cure potency +5%) which they let me have. I had forgotten all about that club, but it was one that I wanted a long time ago. It is a nice club to dual-wield with Templar Mace for an extra 15% cure potency.

Nyzul went well, moving our discs from 50-65. If all goes well next week, we'll get to floor 80 and maybe even see some armor drop! We had a couple of NMs killed, including Aquarius, who's ??? axe turned out to be a Franscisca, which nobody wanted/needed. Despite a couple of shouts, nobody in Whitegate wanted it and it ended up getting lost. Floor 60 gave us a DRK scythe. I think this is like the 6th boss in a row that has dropped nothing but a weapon for us. I'd say we're due for some gear! After the climbs, Deep found that Tachi: Rana was unlocked. Hopefully Vay's WS will come next week. Alden and I haven't even begun to unlock our WSs yet (I won't even begin to try until I get a disc up to 95).

Tonight is ENM night and maybe a quick UIA when we're done since I've finally got 60 BS again. It sure would be nice to see some drops to bring us out of this dry-spell.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stingy Nyzul, Dynamis.... SE in-general

The dynamis following my last post actually had 2 chapeau's drop. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage a lot higher than 580, so no super-pimp-hat for me ; ; We've got 3 more Xarc's this month, but they're planning on going for Dynamis Lord every other Xarc, which means that our farming time will be significantly reduced on those runs.

So far, our first ENM was still our most profitable, netting us 19k each for a split. Since then, we haven't gotten more than 3k worth of loot. It'll all be worth it when Hagun drops, though, right?

Nyzul has been stingy. We have tried 2x 100 in the past week, but didn't make it to the top either time. We've had some pretty bad luck with NMs on kill all floors. We did manage to climb Ald, Vay, Deep, and my discs to 50, though, so that's nice ^^ If things go well, it's possible that the entire static can get their discs to 80+ before the end of the month. If we don't get screwed on too many floors, we could even see 90 or 95 ^^

At this point, I'd be happy with successful climbs. I can always join PUGs for armor, or even organize my own runs, if necessary.

I finished off my regen merits last night. I've got 205 merits to go before I'm finished with merits for all jobs. Something tells me it's gonna be awhile before I can stop meriting and start levelling a new job!
Posted Mar 11 2009, 09:47 AM