Monday, March 5, 2012

BST Progress

This past week was interesting.  Wack, Lun, and I (and Skadan) hit up Vunkerl to build some bukhis popsets to try to get some more stones for Wack.  While we were building the popsets, I got to come as WAR for red procs.  It was a nice change of pace and I was able to stagger each NM. Slayne got out of work earlier than normal and I invited him to come out and join us as we were about to actually pop Bukhis.  Unbeknownst to me, he and Wack were having some issues and Wack wouldn't invite him.  That pretty much ended the night for us as neither Lun nor I wanted to use our pops with him just standing there, outside of the party.

The whole situation was really odd.  I hope they get things worked out soon.  When things are all sorted out, we've got 3x bukhis popsets ready to go!

The following night, we went to Altepa to build some Orthrus pops for the same purpose.  Despite some heavy amarok camping by other groups, it was a successful night.  We popped Orthrus 3 times and wack was able to get enough stones to finish his WAR body, plus start working toward his PLD body.  We got a 2-boxed CB an atheling mantle (not that he'll use it) and I now have 4 jewels of ardor to put toward BLM, DNC, or RDM bodies.

Maybe this week we can take some time to get the other 4 cards of ardor that I need to upgrade either BST, WHM, SCH, or MNK bodies.

I spent a lot of time in book burns getting BST leveled.  I got up to 57 in the crawler's nest, then to 70 in Sandy's sewers.  I tried some solo FoV in Cape Terrigan, but it was painfully slow, so I went back to Sandy in an effort to get to 75.  When I finally left, I was 80!

This opens up quite a few gear options for me (Perle, bullwhip belt, haidate, brutal/suppa) and will help ease my inventory problems (once my lower-level gear sells, that is).  I did end up putting my BRD and RDM AF/relic/empy armor into storage to make some additional room.  I need to look and see what BST relic I've got stored with the Porter Moogle and also consider questing some of the AF.  I could also re-do the ACP and ASA add-ons to augment my body/pants toward BST, since they're not getting any use on any of my mage jobs.  I figure at the very least I should get any pieces that enhance the BST JA reward.

I have 12 or 13 merits stored up which I need to figure out how to spend.  I'm thinking I'll work on reducing the reward timer first, then maybe work on call beast recast.  To be honest, I haven't done much research into BST merits.  I figure if I've got questions, I can just ask Lun or Slayne, but I'd rather figure it out for myself.

I also have a couple of Pet -PDT magian axes to begin working on.  I think I'll wait until I have BST capped, just to make the trials that much easier to finish.  Plus, I doubt that I'll be doing much with BST until it is 99 anyways, so I won't really *need* those PDT axes for awhile.

This week:
- BST to 99
- Make progress on Pet -PDT magian axes
- Figure out BST merits
- Figure out what I'm going to do for BST gear

Should be a fun week!

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