Thursday, January 24, 2019

Four Months

Over 4 months.  I've thought about posting updates many times in the past 4 months, but never found the time.  I have been playing.  I have been making progress.

With Wack in Northern Sandy getting our synergy on.

So, what's happened in that time?  Here's the short of it:

- Master SCH
- Started and finished Excalibur (AG)
- Started and finished Gjallarhorn (99)
- Finished Daurdabla (99)
- Finished Yagrush (75)
- Started and finished Mandau (AG)
- Working on Master WHM (~300) and BRD (~750)
- Started Carnwenhan
- Lots of Omen
- Some Dynamis

And here's the long of it:
I like playing SCH.  I had a lot of fun in both the healing and nuking roles in CP PTs.  When coupled with a 2-3x xp/cp campaign it didn't take long to get it mastered.  I have made good use out of it when we need a little extra support to clear content.

Then, Wack finished his Bravura.  He had been working on it for a long time and had finally accumulated the currency to finish.  After that, we focused on trials to get it to 99.  I realized that it was actually quite cheap to buy all of the currency that is needed to finish a relic and the Magian trials weren't too much to handle when done in smaller chunks.  I had been spending most of my time on RDM at that time and had a nice chunk of gil sitting around, so I decided to make Excalibur.

I was able to use the refunded 30 currency to get a start on Gjallarhorn and completed that soon after.  But it is no fun being a 3-song Ghorn bard, so I renewed my efforts to collect the Iron Plates and Colorless Souls (I had already collected all of the Apademak horns through login campaigns).  Shortly after, I had finished Daurdabla!

And the trumpets sound

Braego felt stuck on Spharai, but had already collected 70 of the 100-pieces he needed, so I bought the 10k piece and he gave me the 70 pieces he had + the 30 returned.  I helped him out a little bit, but most of the magian trials he completed on his own.  He's currently collecting plutons to get that sweet AG.

For Yagrush, I figured I'd slowly work on alex as it would take awhile to collect all of the ichor that I needed.  Well, Jar, Wack, Braego, and I had spent a lot of spare time doing the random Einherjar.  Just a run or two here and there.  Jar is working on Tizona, so he didn't mind getting the ichor.  I already had over 140k Nyzul Isle tokens from all of the Nyzul we did in the static years ago.  It turned out that I had all my ichor in relatively short order.  I spent a bit of time in salvage, but bought most of my alex and was able to finish it earlier this month.  I have started doing the Magian trials as I'd like to get it to 119 (if not AG'd), but it isn't a whole lot of fun trying to melee on WHM with a level 75 club.  This is something that I'll set as a very low priority for now.

Lazy WHM: GO!

I finished the trials I needed to get my TP Bonus +1000 gun for COR.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but next time that Savage Blade COR is needed, I'll be ready.

I was spending more and more time on BRD and wasn't really pleased with my dagger options.  I still had the 100 currency left over from Braego's Spharai and a bunch of random currency on my mules, so I turned that into a Mandau.  I have to say that doing the Magian trials on BRD was pretty enjoyable.  Being able to round up a bunch of mobs, sleep them, and then pick them off one-by-one made the process a lot less tedious than when I was working on Excalibur and Yagrush trials.

I'm loving the glowy-stabby

I started working on BRD mythic as I want my songs to last from Ni/Tro to Ni/Tro.  I already had some of the ZNM trophies and didn't need to re-do any of the king kills.  I've completed the 50 assaults and turned in my ledgers.  Unfortunately, aside from alex, the roadblocks are back to being Ichor and Nyzul Isle tokens.  When I did Yagrush, I stopped after getting just enough ichor/tokens to complete the quest which means that I'm basically starting from scratch.  I'll have a lot of time to work on those as I slowly collect alex again.

I haven't made much progress on Fomalhaut, unfortunately.  I've got Zi'tah cleared.  All I need to finish Ru'Aun is WoC and Kirin.  I haven't tried very hard to get into shout groups for those clears.  I have a WoC pop ready which I've considered offering in exchange for the clears.  It would be nice to finish it so that I can start working on another (probably Marsyas so I can have Honor March).

Lately though, it has just been nice having people regularly in LS.  Weekends have consistently had 5+ people on, which makes it perfect for getting stuff done.  We've done dynamis farming, a bunch of Omen, quite a few Geas Fete mobs, and a lot of Ambuscade.  Unfortunately, their schedules tend to run quite late, but for weekends, I'll make an effort to stay up late to hang out with them all.

Until next time!
The fruits of our (Wack's) labor

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