Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Glowy Yagrush

The kids had their winter break toward the end of February, so I was without FFXI while we were on vacation.  After we got back, it took a good week to get back into the FFXI groove.  I had been feeling stuck; frustrated that I wasn't making any progress on the projects that I have started (Yagrush, Carnwenhan, Fomalhaut, WHM/BRD JPs...).  But staying away from the game wasn't helping me accomplish those tasks any faster, either.

I eased back in by helping Sligs farm up a few Briareus Helms to go toward the Almace that he's started working on.  I went WAR/NIN to cover red procs for KIs.  I thought I had all of the WSs covered, but it turns out I was ~10 skill shy of being able to use the G. Katana WS.  I picked up a Fazheluo Helm from the AH and had a Moepapa Annulet on a mule for some G. Katana skill, but I was still ~5 skill short of the 175 that I needed for Tachi: Koki.  I could either farm the drop from the Jailer of Justice, or I could head back up to Escha - Ru'Aun and kill the Warder of Justice again (we just killed this guy a bunch of times for Wack's Combatant's Torque and Kakashi's WoC popset).

Wack and I headed to Escha - Ru'Aun  to see if we could get the torque to drop.  Our luck was with us as we got the warder to pop twice in ~45 minutes and got the drop.  So now when I go farm Abyssea NMs on WAR, I'll have the skill that I need for red procs.  The torque from Warder of Justice put me at 4/7 needed for a combatant's torque of my very own, so Wack and I started farming Warder of Faith.  We only saw the NM pop once before we headed out to PL Jar's RUN in Reisenjima.

For the PL session, I would pull a bunch of mobs and Wack would Fell Cleave them.  I went BRD/SCH (for stoneskin, blink, and cures).  I wanted to be able to put stoneskin on Jar since he was only level 7 when we started and he wouldn't be able to survive much in the way of AoE damage.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put up reraise and ended up getting KO'd on one of the first few pulls.  Luckily, Ferrous Coffin will cast Raise, so I was able to get up and continue pulling after a short break.  We found a bit of a groove and were able to get Jar up to 71 before I had to log off.  By the time I see him again, he'll probably be 99!

Wack, Sligs, and I went out to Doh Gates to get some JPs on WAR, BLU, and BRD.  We had a lot of fun wrecking bats.  Over the course of the weekend I got almost 200 JPs on BRD.  I'm about 150 JPs away from that sweet 5% song duration gift (at 1200)!  I should just get in a party and knock it out...

I put Wack, Braego, and my Tyger pops to good use by getting the clears that I needed for my Yagrush trial.  After we did Braego's pop we went into Zhayolm to kill the Chariot boss for my next trial.  It wasn't a particularly quick run, but we got the win.  A couple more quick(er) solo runs after allowed me to complete that trial.  I had the Mulcibar's Scoria and beitetsu ready and am now the proud owner of a fully-upgraded* Yagrush!

*R0 as I doubt I'll work on upgrading this in Dynamis

Now I'm free to focus on Carn/Fomalhaut.  For Fomalhaut, I still need Kirin/WoC clears. I have a WoC pop ready, I should see about selling/trading it to a merc for the clear.  Kirin clears look to be selling for ~5m.  It would be worth it to just be done with the Escha - Ru'Aun NMs.  For Carn, I'm making slow progress on ichor, very slow progress on Alex, and no progress on tokens.  I'm hoping people will be interested in doing some NNI during this month's campaign which should boost my tokens a little.

Speaking of this month's campaign, the login campaign includes Abyssea NM trophies.  I'm going to use all my points to start collecting items for my own Almace.  I should be able to collect 56 items each time these are available with login points.  I need a total of 175 trophies, so after 3 login campaigns I'll be close enough to just farm the last few items that I'll need.  When I get to that point, I'll actually start working on the weapon (camping a bunch of NMs).  I think the abyssea trophies only come up twice per year, so this is a long-term goal. 

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