Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mid-Week Update

Slayne was online last night and wanted to try killing Yilan a few times for an Iris.  He's planning on gearing up his BLU for some sweet, Jaroldo-esque damage output.  At about the same time Kakashisensei asked for help getting the last KI he needed for his WoC pop. How very convenient.

So, we went up to escha sky and started by farming Warder of Justice.  He popped for us in ~15 minutes or so and went down very quickly to us as NIN, SMN, and BRD.  Needing just the KI and not a particular drop was refreshing.

We found an empty island and popped Yilan a few times.  Kakashi wanted an abjuration so he had a few pops available.  Turns out he's a piece of cake with a light SC and SMN MB.  The fights were over in a matter of seconds.  Kakashi got his abjuration on the first kill, Slayne got his Iris on the 3rd or 4th kill.

Since that went so smoothly, we decided to try our hand at a single Pakacet kill.  Unfortunately, the spikes were too much for us to handle, and we wiped before we could kill him. 

We changed the scenery a bit and knocked out a quick Wing II einherjar then headed back out to kill Hanbi for something that one of them wanted.  Now, Wack and I duo'd Hanbi a number of times a few months ago when I wanted my Akademos's for SCH as WAR + BRD.  We never really had any problems with him.  I would lullaby the adds and WS on them to take them out.  If there were more than 1 up, then Wack would Fell Cleave them.  Knowing this, I figured that we would have no problem as NIN BRD SMN.  A quick SC + MB and he'd be dead.

Unfortunately, the trusts that we had out don't cast silence.  So, Hanbi got a dread spikes off and before I could hit my finale macro, Kakashi and I were both dead. It was great seeing a crit for over 1700 damage!  Not so great seeing the 943 damage that it reflected to me.

So, I switched to RDM to make sure we had a reliable silence, but we didn't need it as Slayne just 2-hr'd and wrecked him.  Both Kakashi and Slayne needed to go AFK for IRL stuff, so we called it a night.

Seems so much different than our last few trips out there hunting NMs or drops.  Warder of Love specifically has been very shy and not at all generous.  It was nice to actually see some of the loot we were after.

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